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The Real Home Lift

The Real Home Lift

Elite Elevators serves to be one of the top names in the industry to offer the real home lift with all criteria fulfilled. We have installed a number of lifts in all over India. As we provide real home lift, our lifts are demanded by many customers all over the country. Our products are extensively used for small houses, villas, bungalows, buildings and luxury homes to all over India. We do new installations, maintenance, servicing & repairs of elevators. The availability of lifts with various types and choices and most importantly at affordable pricing is one of the major reasons why Elite Elevators became no #1 home elevators company in India.

However, although there is a number of lifts from different manufacturers and brands available to select from the global market, identifying the real home lift is crucial. As our lift manufactured by TK Access Solutions, which is well-known in the international market for its safety and technology they have used in home elevators.


This implies you need to know about the eye-opening facts beyond the general knowledge that you have gained about the lift. There are several parameters that determine a perfect lift. A real home lift is the one that follows 194 safety parameters of MD 2006 42 EC and EN 81-41. Taking an attempt to know these parameters can help you recognize the difference between the real and just the standard home lift. As safety is intangible it’s quite difficult for consumers to know or identify if it’s a safe home lift. The simple ways to identifying if your elevator is a real home lift.


With ample things to know before you attempt to choose a home lift, gaining an extra knowledge can help you identify the real home lift from the reliable names like Elite Elevators that presents the best lift and elevator options.