The E200 Incorporates Proven and Reliable Hydraulic Technology and Offers Comfort and Performance

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The Next Generation of Home Lifts – E200

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The Next Generation of Home Lifts – E200

E200 – The Most Adaptable & Versatile Home Elevator

E200 – The Most Adaptable & Versatile Home Elevator With ingress into the year 2020, Elite Elevators proudly launches, TK Access Solutions most versatile home elevator to Indian market, E200. Also referred to as E200, This E200 is driven by TK Access Solutions trusted hydraulics technology. Keeping every home in mind this lift has a wide range of sizes & configurations. This home elevator is adaptable and can be used in a wide range of environments (both indoors and outdoors). This newly launched home lift is available with it’s own patented metallic shaft or can be installed in a masonry shaft as well.

  • Technical compliance:

    Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC EN81-41/SIL 3

  • Drive system:

    Gearless with cogbelt drive

  • Rated speed:

    0.15 m/s up to 0.4 m/s

  • Rated load:

    Up to 400 kg

  • Travel height:

    Up to 18,000 mm

  • Number of stops:

    Max. 6 stops per lift

  • Number of doors:

    Max. 12 doors per lift

  • Pit:

    140 mm (Minimum Required)

  • Shaft top height:

    2500 mm in existing shaft / 2600 mm with its own shaft

  • Platform control:

    Automatic (one-touch) with call reservation

  • Environment:

    Indoor / Outdoor

  • Emergency lowering:

    Battery-operated emergency lowering

  • Control voltage:


SIL 3 Certification (Safety
Integrity Level)

Elevated Benefits of
Elite E200 Elevators

Key Advantages Of
Elite E200 Elevators


Designed with a five-degree seat recline, E 50 promotes a natural, comfortable and healthy posture.


High-quality fabrics and finishes allow E 50 to blend into your home seamlessly.


Flow X offers comfort for all while still being our most space-conscious stairlift to date.


With an adjustable footrest and unique, complete automatic folding, using a stairlift has never been easier.


The ergonomically designed seatbelt enables effortless one-handed operation.


Dual status lights on the armrest remain visible whatever your direction of travel, keeping you in control.


An embedded call device keeps you connected at all times with the touch of a button.


An intuitive remote control and clear status indicator mean that calling and parking have never been easier.

E200 now available in our Patented Metallic Shaft

The required headroom for the shaft structure (distance from top floor to top of shaft) depends on the type of top roof and landing doors. This includes a free height of 30mm between metal shaft roof and building for installation purpose. Elongation of the shaft is possible. All the four sides will be cladded by the shaft panels in steel or glass, provided with a special gasket for water management. Also availabale essential panels to be mounted with silicon. It is highly recommended to use panels with gasket for outdoor installation. It is highly recommended to use steel panel on side G. The lowest and the top panels on the guide side are always provided with a round axial aerator. Typical Required Headroom with standard cabin. Please refer to “Feasibility information” section for futher details. According to Eurocode, Seismic verification shall be checked with specifc calculations and defniton of fxing points for the specific unit

Elegance Cabin – Designer’s Choice

Our home lifts offer an array of customization options, allowing you to select colors, textures, and accessories to create a unique, personalized lift that reflects your style. Choose from various cabin styles, materials, and wall colors, including satin steel, scratch-resistant steel, modern finishes, and a wide range of RAL colors. E300 offers exclusive finishes not found in other home lifts, enhancing your environment with contemporary design. It’s a remarkable addition to your home, showcasing our commitment to Italian design and innovation.

Discover the Elevating Possibilities

With a huge leap in technological and aesthetic upgrades, the new Elite elevators 2023 model is miles ahead of its previous model and other traditional home elevators.