Homes with multiple floors and stair cases inside the homes such as duplex is more popular among the people in the current trend. We could come across these kinds of houses more common in Bangalore. The households of these homes have to move along the floors of the home quite often in order to access their rooms. It would be easier for them in the beginning as they are impressed with the design of the homes. Unlike in the beginning in a couple of weeks probably they would find it difficult to move along the floors quite often. In some other cases it would be difficult for any one or two persons from the family to move along the floors.

In this case the best choice would be the installation of Stair Lifts. Stair lifts in Bangalore are supplied by Elite elevators, the best choice for the elevator designs.Stair Lifts for homes are simple and ergonomic chair models that can be easily installed to the treads of the stair case. These chairs can move along the treads of the stair case carrying people one at a time. The chairs have safety belts and ergonomic footrest for the person to have a comfortable stay in the chair.


These stair lifts can be installed in any type of stair case such as narrow or curved And it can be installed in the stair cases that are inside or even outside the house.The safety belts protect the people from falling down. The product cost, cost of the installation, maintenance and service is minimum when compared to the cost of elevators for homes. Thus, stair lifts for homes would be the right choice to help your near and dear ones climb the stairs without expecting anyone’s help.

Stair Lift in Bangalore