The Remarkable Advantages of Gearless Home Elevators

We use elevators in our everyday life. The usage of lifts has become more common such that we don’t find them as one of the advanced innovation of modern technology. The history of usage of lifts dates back to centuries before, where the lifts initially were operated with ropes and animals pulling the object or people seated on a base. Later this was designed to be used with steam engine in a first commercial deployment.

There are many manufactures, have come up with the specialized elevators with their unique designs making them as a best lift and elevators manufactures. They are also able to create almost maintenance free systems and number of breakdown events has reduced drastically. They have also included advanced safety equipment like air bags, Antilock braking system (ABS) etc., developing the lifts as a completely safe system

Hydraulic ElevatorsFramework Design and structure has improved a vast recently with lifts travelling at high speeds covering about 2000 feet/minute. This was achieved only after the invention of Gearless Home Elevators where the teeth sprockets and chains are removed and the lift cars are directly controlled by the motors. Traction less system is able to generate more efficiency and is able to function more effectively making them the only possible choice for tallest buildings with a minimum investment. The Gearless framework is the development of lifts which run with less friction points operated with the help of synchronous gearless magnetic motors. Because of the frictionless system supplemented with the reduced weight enclosures has helped to save a huge amount of energy.

Advantages of Gearless Technology

Customization due to Global trend and high energy efficient characterization are able to offer remarkable advantages to the Gearless Home Elevators over the orthodox conventional system.

· Manufactures are able to save up to 50 % more energy and also fewer parts are involved in the wear and tear of the structure. All put together durability is increased.

· Replacing the lesser parts easily will reduce the cost in maintenance. Compact design and high technology chips and boards used allow the easy replacement with low cost. Manual labor for installation and service checkup is also reduced.

· The conventional need for machine room to install the motor is removed as the whole unit is installed on the shaft due to the compact size of the design.

· They are able to operate in big range of temperature differences. They can sustain very cold winters and hot summers.

· Since they have minimum resistance and produce less heat due to lesser friction, they are able to operate for long hours and at a high speeds. Most of the lifts are available to run at 24/7.

· Multiple safety measurements are used and technology used to get out of the system during breakdown is also easy. Hence ensures maximum security to the passengers.


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Advantages of Gearless Home Elevators