Make life better with Gearless Elevators

Elevators are the most useful in everyday life, yet many people forget to think about unless it gets broken down. Previously, Lifts were used only for commercial purpose and for high rise buildings but these days every home has residential lifts for ease and comfort travel. Residential elevators are not just to flaunt their luxury but to increase the property value as well. It is considered that by installing home lifts increases the resale value of the home and yields return in long term which is an advantage for home owners.

Moreover, people who would like to accommodate home on rental basis get gravitated to those homes which has residential elevators.Elite Elevators, the No:1 home elevators present comprehensive range on residential elevators with customizable options as per every customers needs. These home lifts are designed by following 194 parameters of safety and European standard to provide safe lift solutions from kids to older people. Elite elevators offer all segments of elevators such as stair lifts, residential lifts, Gearless Elevators, hydraulic lifts, cog belt home elevators and many. With decade of research and years of experience has included many features and advance technologies to enable customer sense comfort and secure while travel.

Elite Elevators have been awarded with ‘World’s Safest Home Elevators’, for undertaking utmost care and safety measures.Gearless Elevators are meant for Villas, Private Residence and Bungalows which can be modified as per the space and preference. These elevators are suitable for both interior and exterior premises which can be installed as per the customer choice. Since it includes features like weather proof and rodent proof technology along with ability to withstand minor seismic activity, is best suitable for outdoor as well.

Besides, it takes just couple of hour to install as these elevators doesn’t require any pit or headroom and functions in single phase power. Gearless home elevator comes with two options Classic and modern where customers can use their imagination to customize the cabin walls, floors and lighting for home décor.Gearless HE6 Elevator with gearless technology is pretty smooth and quiet while travelling to your destination floor. The cabin comes with different sizes and finishes which can be installed at any given spaces.

These elevators are designed with a combination of German Technology with Italian style which gives an elegant look to your home.HE7 model which is designed for utilizing in private areas of your residence. With again tailor-made cabin sizes and finishes is a way best way to soothe yourself with its pleasant appearances. As per different options you can choose cabins made up of stainless steel and glasses, with woods like dark oak and walnut woods or with wooden batten and black painted structure. The soft driven technology provides you smooth and comfort journey with less noise and vibration with no jerks.

Make Your Life Better with Our Luxurious Gearless Elevators