Home Elevators when taken into account as a platform or a system, it tackles the hindrance of mobility. They were deemed as a point of luxury but now the addition of such provisions in the civil structure can be rendered very useful. The presence or the provision to accommodate one can increase the value of the civil structure because it puts out a solid standing example that the civil structure is accessible by anyone despite any challenges of mind and the body.Real Estate market looks into properties that are easily translatable to the desire of the buyer, that is, a property should be translatable into a commercial structure or a residential structure.

Now a days, most of the commercial properties require provisions for elevators.The advent of integrating houses with modernized solutions has significantly increased in the demographic of 45yrs to 70yrs. Home elevators is in the phase of transition from the point of luxury to the point of need. Thus investments in the age of retirement have inclined towards such properties with provisions for home elevators. Home Elevators are still investments made in High end private homes, Villas, Bungalows and pent houses. These investments in those property segments are made with the idea of displaying luxury.


Request for customization options in Home Elevators have increased to increase the luxury statement the lift is posing. These features increase the resale value of the entire property. To put a proper perspective, the value of apartment flats in the top floors were very cheap in the late 90s and early 20s. But now, they are one of the highest demanded and costliest flats in the apartment market owing to the peace it offers and the easy accessibility it provides. This has enabled people in the metro cities, where the construction of new building is tough, to get into comfortable pent houses with easy access.Other thing to notice is that the access of other floors becoming rare owing to the restrain created by age factors. The value of such floors and terrace becomes redundant. The addition of a vertical elevation system symbolizes the accessibility it provides.

The home elevation systems that are being invested upon should be chosen with careful scrutinization owing to the reason that, in India, there are a lot of local manufacturers with no proper quality of product and standards for safety. Real Estate and elevators are a onetime investment and there is no going back. So, there are a lot of parameters that has to be looked upon when investing in a Home Elevator ranging from Safety to Exclusive features. Most importantly, for the sake of brand popularity, investment in a Commercial Elevator for a residential purpose would deem its purpose redundant as commercial elevators cost a lot to maintain, operate and install because of its designated purpose of to be used in a commercial building.TKE Home Elevators are exclusively imported into India from Germany and Italy and TKE is a prominent organization. TKE Home Elevators are the only safety certified home lifts in India with TUV and SIL3 certification. With a myriad of customization options, TKE Home Lifts are the only one in the market which when invested upon increases the value drastically.

Importance of Home Elevators in Revaluation of Building