Home elevators in India for your residential essential is provided by Elite Elevators

Reliable, Comfortable and authorized are the three words that best define the elevators installed by the Elite Elevators. We constantly push the boundaries to provide customers with a product that not only is functional but practical as well.Our lifts are designed by TKE a German based innovation company that is providing industrial solution from over a century. There products have also gained acknowledgment for residential purposes

The lifts are designed with advanced components that guarantees its customers a well operational design that requires least amount of energy.At Elite Elevators we understand the requirement of Indian customers and cater their demand for lifts for their Villas, homes, bungalows and luxury houses. There are four major elevator systems that you can choose from.

  • COG-Belt
  • Gearless
  • Hydraulic
  • Chair Lift

All of these lifts are designed to operate at optimal level with minimum to no noise and vibration. The maintenance required for the lifts are less; moreover they don’t even require any oil and lubrication as well. All of lifts are customisable to suit your home. We can help you to choose a lift size to fit your beautiful interior and can shape the cabin as per your desire. Providing all those features we understand that a lift should be intact for all members of the family.

Therefore we install a number of safety features and will add more for your well-being. One of the most noted features is the power back-up feature that insures a safe landing at the base floor in case of an electricity issue.Our expert home elevator suppliers in Kerala is always active to provide you with all the information. You can even ask for a personal visit for a better understanding of your home elevator in constructed and upcoming home.

Home Elevators in India for Your Residential Essential