The growing need for elevators and utilization of Lift in India

India is one of the countries that are still on the pace of development. With the increase in population and the demand for more residential, commercial and industrial structures, the necessity of elevators has become an element of use. Elevators are nothing but means of transporting people or goods within the building or between floors in the form of a platform mounted on a shaft driven by motor or hydraulic. They form a legal requirement in every building with multiple floors. The design and technology used in the manufacture of elevators vary with different companies in India.

The growing need for elevators and its utilization by people have made many companies compete with each other in delivery their products with class and style. The aesthetic and luxurious design makes them stand out against other manufacturers.The different applications of elevators find their way in low rise buildings, mid-range buildings, high rise buildings, commercial building, malls, hospitals, private residence, hotels, warehouse, factories and stations.

  • Passenger elevators designed to move people between floors in a building
  • Freight elevators designed to carry heavy loads between floors in commercial buildings
  • Dumbwaiter designed to move small dishes mainly between floors in a hotel
  • Paternoster designed especially in the paint industry for constant movement of boxes
  • Wheelchair or platform lifts designed to accommodate a person with the wheelchair
  • Aircraft carriers designed to carry aircraft between the flight deck and hanger for repair works

Keeping in mind the safety and financial factor, the Lifts in India are designed for smooth operation and aims for a user-friendly environment to the people. Companies are also engaged in design, manufacturing, installation, sales and after sales servicing for long term relationship with customers. With immense advancement in technology, elevators find their way in residential and commercial buildings with ease and simplicity.

The Growing Need for Elevators and Utilization in India