Enhance your style quotient with Gearless Home Elevators

Time have changed so is the people’s choice. Almost every building can be seen with elevators no matter whether it is a small apartment with two storeys building or a bungalow. Everybody is in need of elevators to travel at ease in quickest possible. Earlier, installing elevators defines luxury and comfort but nowadays with availability of elevators at reasonable price everybody would like to go for elevators. Also Installing elevators has led to increase in property value and is considered has profitable investment. Moreover, people get gravitated to those homes which has elevators.

With the increase in demand of elevators many elevator suppliers have emerged in the market with different elevator models at best reasonable price.Elite Elevators, one of the top elevator suppliers presents wide range of elevator model as per the customer needs. Elite elevators are a SUD TUV certified home elevator who are expert in providing in home lifts, Gearless Home Elevators, cog belt home elevators, stair lifts, platform lifts, hydraulic home elevators and much more. Moreover, the home lift services from Elite Elevators are available all over India at affordable price. For designing an elevator, Elite Elevators follow 194 parameters for safety and comfort travel which is why there have been awarded as ‘World’s Best Home Elevators’.

Elite Elevators are experts in providing home lifts and one such model is the Gearless Home Elevators which is suitable for Villas, Bungalows and Private Residents.Gearless home lift is suitable to be installed at both inside and outside of your house. These home lifts are customized as per the space and requirement which can be easily installed in a single power phase as well. The gearless lifts are customized and doesn’t require any headroom or pit to install. These elevators are based on magnet technology with high torque performance and high efficiency thus eliminating the need for having gear box. The Gearless Home Elevators are available with options namely Classic and modern, pick up the option you need and modify it with your own choice of lighting, cabin walls and floor.

Apart from those two options, Elite Elevators presents other two options in Gearless Home Elevators called HE6 and HE7 gearless home lift.
HE6 home elevator is specifically designed for home décor. These again comes with options like classic and custom where you can pick option of your choice and customize lighting, wide range of sizes and much more. The HE6 doesn’t require headroom or pit and it operates even at single power phase.HE7 series of gearless home elevator is specially designed for personal use. The gearless elevator is designed with cabin walls made up of wooden battens and black painted structure which is pretty appealing while travelling. With new soft drive technology, the travel will be quick and smooth ensuring convenient ride.

Enhance your style with Gearless Home Lift