The staircase will no longer limit your trips to your favourite rooms

The age affects our strength in different manner. One of the common problems is our efficiency to climb stairs. There is no doubt that we will restrict our self from climbing stairs. Even when we are sick we might not have enough strength and a support is necessary at all times.Elite Elevators introduces a solution in the shape of stair lift. The individual use lift is electric power that can easily move on any possible staircase. We have installed a number of stair lifts that can make moving on a staircase like a piece of cake.

  • Flow ||
  • Levant
  • Supra

The straight staircase is easy to work with as a simple track on any side. The Levant design can be parked on any side of the stair and can be called with the help of a remote. The design keeps you in a straight sitting position at all times and moves at a very effective pace. The easy to install aluminium rail is high strength and soft colours match well with your interior.The Flow || model is specialised designed to become a curved stair lift.

The design can be implicated on any style of staircase. Its ergonomically designed chair can easily move our turns without making the person losing posture. The chair moves on a single track which requires minimum installation.The supra is a platform lift that can carry a person with wheelchair. The Platform lift is made to move as close to approximately 280 mm. A person can easily use it without any help. The helping bar provide support and the platform is designed to avoid any slip. The Elite Elevators stair lift are compiled with soft handling material that makes the stair lift feel comfortable for people of all ages.

Elite Elevators Introduces a Solution in the Shape of Stairlift