Elite Elevators creating a better experience your home

The home elevator designs are getting updated from a regular steel or glass design. There is a number of homes in India that are updating to an elevator for a comfortable and effective movement inside the home. The home elevator can become part of any style of home and requires less space.The Elite Elevators has been specially designed in an international facility. Our elevators are 100% imported from Italy and manufactured under the supervision of TKE. We believe a quality product requires experienced engineering. TKE has been a pioneer in the home elevator and developed a special machine system. The machine can be fitted inside the shaft and create no noise and vibration. This has been possible with constant work and standard set by international authorities.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Custom designed cabins
  • Modern machine systems
  • Advanced security system
  • Compiling with European Machine Directive
  • Indoor and outdoor installation

A home elevator needs to operate in an effective manner with the least possible amount of energy. Our design runs on a single phase power connection. That will not be helpful not only in saving energy but can be useful during a power issue.It is possible with the help of advanced machine systems that perform in an optimal position throughout the elevator life.

  • Patent COG-Belt
  • Gearless Drive
  • Conventional Hydraulic machine

The machine drive makes an effortless move every single time. Each system has been developed from commercial designs and brings a number of safety features.The lift for houses has never been so advanced till now. The lift designs were not well made or the machines were not suitable for a home surrounding. Elite Elevators can help you to design a home lift that will zenith in design and performance as well.

Elite Elevators Creating a Better Experience your Home