Elite Elevator experts in home elevator are providing an internationally recognized product

The home elevator is something every house in India is looking forward for better utility of space. Moreover the new age home owners are keen to keep their homes updated with the latest innovation in the housing domain. The home elevators are becoming more efficient and reduce effort for family member to go from floor to floor.The Elite Elevators 100 % imported product gives you a satisfaction of having a quality product.

All our design passes a strict 194 parameters of a home elevator designed by international certification authorities. We make sure that every single design has no errors and perform seemingly every single time. Our range of models for patents COG-belt, gearless drive and hydraulic motor are designed as per modern technology. Each of these machines provides a very smooth operation with the least amount of maintenance and no oil and lubrication.

We have mastered our software technology that controls the machine. The control panel has all the necessary information that is required to control the machine. You can even opt for more custom options. The floor sensor system designed to provide a smooth start and stop at every floor. When it comes to design and installation our range of designs can be customized to every side as per your home requirements and interior. Our designs such as

  • Altura
  • HE 6
  • HE 7
  • Gulliver
  • Elegance

Can be installed in any space with minimum renovations. We are even equipped to provide an outdoor lift standing next to your outer wall. Our home elevator suppliers in Uttarpradesh can provide more detailed information and even give a quote for your elevator that best suit your home. Our affordable range of products can connect floor in any design house without hindering the aura of the house.

Elite Elevator Deals Internationally Recognized Product