Elite Elevator imported designs are here for every home

The home elevator requirement is at a rise in India. Elite Elevators are constantly providing elevators to home of all styles. The house might be a bungalow, Villa, Duplex or luxury home. We understand that every home is special and has different needs. Therefore we have number of different models with designs that will help to create your perfect lift.

The Elite Elevator has one of a kind patent cog-belt technology that is specially designed for home elevators. The model has number of modification that makes it an ideal choice for home owners. The design can be easily fitted anywhere and can connect more than 3 floors of a home. This model can be installed independently without any support structure.Elite Elevator has also installed a number of hydraulic elevators as well. We do understand that some people require a more refined elevator.

Our hydraulic elevators are available in different models such as Orion, Gulliver and Elegance. Each of our hydraulic home elevators have a number of features that makes them ideal fit for luxury homes.

  • Conventional Hydraulic Machine
  • Less power consumption
  • Advanced custom interior
  • Outdoor application
  • Extra smooth start and stop
  • Better load management

The hydraulic is a well tested system but it needs a lot of work to be adequate for a home elevator. Our international manufactures TKE makes sure that each elevator is carefully designed and live up to your expectation. Our each model is designed in a special facility in Italy and then brought to your home.

At Elite Elevator we make sure that our customers are aware about the difference about a home and real home elevator. You can even get an commercial elevator for your home but it might not be a perfect fit.

Elite Elevator Imported Designs are Here for Every Home