The Altura Patent COG-Belt Design by Elite Elevators

The Elite Elevators have number of home elevator designs that can bring an element of design while connecting your floors. Each model of Elite Elevator is carefully manufactured in a facility in Italy. We ensure that every design follow a strict guideline of home elevator designed by independent authorities.

Our all India presence has been helping customers to reach us with ease and provide a personalised service to each of the requirements. There are number of different mechanism in our model and each one of them gives a feel of luxury to our customers.The Altura is one of the models that work on a patent COG-Belt design designed by TKE.

The design is carefully assembled in any structure in any place. The design has a special adjustment with shaft and without shaft installation. Both of them work effectively and it’s entirely up to your choice. This gives benefits for people who are looking to upgrade their elevator. Moreover there are number of other benefits of this design.

  • Single phase power
  • Indoor and outdoor installation
  • Taylor-designed dimension
  • No machine room required and 5inch pit room
  • Safety Integrity Level – 3
  • Gentle stop and start

The Altura elevators can operate on a single phase power that makes it an ideal choice for home. It consumes less energy and can operate easily if a shortage a power is witnessed. Moreover the advanced systems check for any possible error and can provide alert.

The Altura can easily fit if there is no plan for home elevator and can be installed in any confined space. We are proud to serve our customers in every corner of India. Our team of experts are just a click away and provide information on any query of yours regarding home elevator.