Creating Memories of and in Altura Elevators 

Most of us have at least one unforgettable memory of an elevator ride taken years ago or for you perhaps, it may be recent. Of course, there are those who have had the scariest time of their lives in elevators! As far as Altura Elevators are concerned, you can rest assured that the latter would never be your concern.Beauty, brains, and even the beast in strength come together in our products.The combination of sophisticated Italian design, German technology is par excellence. If you are looking to make a style statement in your house, or your workplace; give Altura Elevators a try. Our irresistible products come with every feature that you can think of in a safe, sturdy, and stylish home elevator including:

  • Silent operation as a result of our patented Cogbelt Elevator technology
  • Uses the most minimum space
  • No need to make any additional structure as all elevators comes with our unique metal structure
  • However, if you have any existing shaft in which you would like installation then this is possible too
  • Offers option of indoor as well as outdoor installation
  • Installation done within a few hours!
  • Models are equipped to cope with seismic conditions so now you can have peace of mind if you are away from family
  • Safety integrity level (SIL 3) notification
  • Entirely customizable; so if you want the interiors of your elevators to depict your personality then go ahead take your pick of metal finish, color and even lighting from our extensive range.
  • Sophisticated exteriors as well as interiors
  • Multiple access styles
  • Power efficient
  • Offers a choice of technology too from gearless too hydraulic to stair lifts
  • Self charging stair lifts
  • Built in revolutionary technology does away with the need of an overhead machine room
  • No oil or lubrication needed to so need to worry about getting grease on your clothes or hands if they accidently come in contact with such areas in the elevators


In this age where space is getting costlier every day; installation of bulky elevators of the past means sacrificing a lot of workspace and not to mention compromise on safety. Our compact and safe models with SI3 certification offer not only ease of usage but are also quite flexible in their installation requirements.If you are worried about the mobility of elders in your family or live alone and do not want to be dependent on others for movement, our stair lifts allow you to live or work in any kind of environment with ease.

If access is a problem due to restricted space our models provide you with multiple options in this aspect too.While Altura Elevators undoubtedly comes across as is the ideal choice of people with a luxurious lifestyle; the company also offers quite a bit of choice for budget conscious people too.

Creating Memories of and in Altura Elevators