India is one of the fast growing and the most populated countries in the world. Particularly in a city like Delhi we do not have enough space to build a wide and a spacious home. People thus design their narrow homes in a less space with multiple floors. This is easy for construction and design but when it comes to access of the homes it is very difficult especially for the old people and the disabled at homes. This is the reason the home elevators have come into existence.In order to provide a convenient travel inside their homes. But not all the people can afford to install home elevators in their homes. Thus, the manufacturers of elevators have designed an innovative and efficient model of stair lift that can easily carry people along the floors

Stair lifts are chairs that can be easily fitted to the treads of the stair cases of any type and can move along the treads with a person seated on it. Installation of these stair lift to the stair case is an easy process. The type of the stair case and the model of stair case that can be fitted to it will be analyzed by the experts in the first place and the customized stair lift suitable for the particular stair case is designed and installed to the same. The stair case lift is attached to the treads using a rail, which moves the chair along the stair case. Stair case lifts are suitable for both narrow and wide stair cases. Stair lifts in Delhi are so common as it provides a convenient movement for the people at home. The chair can carry one person at a time. The ergonomic seats and footrest make it easier for the person to be seated. The chair uses electric current for its movement.

Stair Lift in Delhi