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Elite Elevators in association with TK Access Solutions has recently introduced World’s best Home Elevator to Indian market.

This eccentric home lift defines the epitome of comfort & luxury. With its patented Cog belt technology gives you the smoothest & quietest ride possible. Also available in the most trusted Hydraulic technology is considered as the most Versatile & Adaptable Home Lift.

Mastering the latest technology Home Elevator requires just 150mm of pit, is machine room less & operates on just single phase power supply, therefore easy to accommodate in your existing home.

If spectacular grandeur & elegance is what you’re looking for, this home lift is the absolute solution.

A brief about Home Elevators

On November 2017, this Latest Invention by TK Access Solutions was launched in INDIA by Mr. Aveek Sarkar. The Home Elevator incorporates innovative patented cog belt technology.

The Gearless drive system can offer unbelievable comfort and performance. Due to its double offset helix design, cogged belt minimizes noise and vibrations, optimizing guidance of the belt over the pulley.

With its own SIL 3 certification, Home Elevator sets itself apart from the crowd and moves beyond the mandatory, to be the undisputed winner in the Home Lift market. Operated by a belt this home lift requires no additional oils or lubrication.